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I’m a video producer, drone pilot, Harley rider and when I’m not manifesting the vision for my next project, I’m usually helping other people move towards their goals and dreams.

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As a producer, I secured financing and brought a wonderful team together to turn this true story into an award-winning documentary. Forever Wild is about a tenacious community uniting to save the open land surrounding their town from a disingenuous developer. Forever Wild will soon be aired nationally on PBS.

Along with my partners, Angelo LaMarco and Tonya June Moore we produce, film, livestream, edit and host many events in this wonderful town.

Zippo Productions

aerial photography  •  video production  •  digital storytelling

Before phones had cameras, digitized media and film was fairly new and unfamiliar. Through Zippo Productions, we were able to offer students the opportunity to imagine and manifest their own personal narratives. From these classes, our students embraced the art of Digital Storytelling and offered up a wide range of personal, informative and sometimes hilarious digital stories. Here are a few.

The Window

Sha Sha

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Principals of Achievement

I’ve been asked about how I’ve achieved my life successes, so my Principles of Achievement tell that story.

Very Highly Motivated

As time went on as a camera store clerk, then manager the owner of the stores (we had six) wanted to sell the business. Since I had started the original store, I felt confident and knew how to run the stores…but I didn’t have any money! But, I did have a house and I wanted thought I could get a second mortgage and pay off the rest of the cost over a period of two or three years. I’ll never forget Paul’s comment when I proposed my deal. He said, “I suppose so”.

The big risk was the interest rates with the bank on the second mortgage was over 20%! And, I thought, what could be the worst thing that could happen? I could lose the house, lose the store, the cars, maybe all my stuff. But, I didn’t think that would happen and if it did, I’d figure something out. I was so Very Highly Motivated I decided to take the risk and we made the deal. And the rest is history…the stores thrived, I paid the bank back and Paul the rest of his asking price in under two years! A very worthwhile deal. Total Win-Win.

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